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08:34 am:  Okay, so I've been gagging to read this fic again, in part because it's hella hot but mostly because it's the first (fairly) graphic Destiel fic I ever read. And because it's hella hot.

So here's what I can recall: Basically a 'missing scene' fic for 6x05, "Live Free Or Twi-Hard". Dean hasn't fed yet so he's still in that pre-vampire stage. Naturally, he's having

If anyone has any idea where to find this or any information at all, please, dear god, PLEASE. Let me know. I need it. I need it forever and always. If I ever find it again I will save it, print it, and keep it by my side and never let it go, NO, NEVER.

P.S. First time posting. Hope I did the tags and correctly and all that.

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