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01:13 pm: "What was the kindly old lady made of? Fuck-ass rock 'n' roll!"

         It's a shame that Jonathan Demme opted to disclude that exclamation of youthful rebellion in the introduction for "Freeze" from 'Storefront Hitchcock'.

         It's been so strange having "new" Robyn to listen to daily. Even the live performances are a joy to hear, but then again, it is Robyn I'm talking about. There's some very interesting between-song banter on the vinyl version of SH, and an additional eight tracks, half of which are banter.

         Somehow, I'm not disappointed.

         This torrent is quite possibly the best investment in gigabytes I've ever made.

         Scratch that.

         It absolutely is.

         I was excited to find a live performance of "Statue With A Walkman", also included on the lp, but about half-way through he begins to tell a story in first-person that involves...well, a statue with a walkman. And I hate to admit it, but the voice he was using wasn't particularly pleasant. 

         Frankly, it was a bit annoying.

         The tone and the inflection were such that I was tempted to skip past the thing altogether.

         Alright, so that's not exactly true. I listened to the song in its entirety, of course. Don't misundertand me. I love a good yarn, and no one weaves them better than Robyn. It wasn't the story itself that bothered me. It was the song. By far one of my favorites, 'Statue' just doesn't seem like "one of those songs", if you know what I mean. Oh, god, if he'd done it in "I'm Only You"...I can't (and don't want to) imagine.

         Now, if it seems like I'm making a big thing out of nothing...it's because I am. But that's me.

         If all the world's a stage, then I'm the critic writing the scathing review about Olivier being far too old to play The Dane.

         Wait a minute. What am I going on about? I loved Olivier's 'Hamlet'. It's a toss-up between his and Branagh's.

         On second thought, don't listen to me. Disregard every word I've said here.

         Robyn is amazing. 'Storefront Hitchcock' is amazing. The live version of "Statue With A Walkman" is...probably amazing. What do I know? Listen for yourself. Everyone has their opinion. I rarely read reviews for this very reason!





         Seriously, stop reading.

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