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Better Than Dickens

Stop me if you've heard this one...

28 August 1987
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a beautiful woman...probably, abrupt endings, alternate universe, ancient egypt, anderson cooper, andy warhol, animals, batman, batman/joker, being moved, bert jansch, big noses, bill maher, black-and-white-science-fiction-films, black-and-white-science-fiction-television, bodies of water, brigadier/three, candy, cannibals and such, captain beefheart, cats, chai, charles chaplin, cliffhangers, clouds, coca-cola, coffee, colbert/cooper, comics, confusion, contradictions, corpsing, craig ferguson, craig's kitty, crooked teeth, csi: miami, curry, david bowie, david caruso, doctor who, doctor/doctor, early cinema, early sound films, exceptions, extremes, faces in profile, fantasy biology, films from 1930-1934, first doctor, first-person, flash gordon, fog, fourth doctor, ginger, glass, gratuitous violence, heath bars, heath ledger, horchata, incense, lapis lazuli, lewis black, lycanthropy, maher/cooper, marble, mark hamill's joker, master(first)/three, master(second)/four, mercury, metal, midnight, mystical goings-on, nine/four, nine/rose, ninth doctor, not-being-able-to-remember-my-interests, one/susan, pantomime, papyrus, parsley-sage-rosemary-and-thyme, parsnips, pavement, pentangle, phantasmagoria, predynastic egypt, rabblerousers, rain, real person slash, robyn hitchcock, rocks, roxy music, sarsaparilla, science fiction, second doctor, short stories, silent films, silver, slapstick, slash fanfiction, star trek, star wars, stargate sg-1, stars, stephen malkmus, stewart/colbert, stewart/cooper, storms, stream-of-thought, sun-warmed plants, supernatural happenings, syd barrett, tea, ten/rose, the amarna period, the avengers, the brian jonestown massacre, the church of manlove, the colbert report, the daily show, the dark knight, the joker, the marx brothers, the master(first), the master(second), the mighty boosh, the moon, the soft boys, the twilight zone, the velvets, the venture brothers, the way hotels smell, the x-files, things that frighten me, thinking, third doctor, third-doctor's-death-eater-dark-mark, three/four, three/two, touching things, twilight, two/jamie, two/one, u.n.i.t., various-facial-and-bodily-imperfections, violet mints, voices, wells, what-if, words, worried happy expressions